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Petition : Transferring the UN to Paris

For the United Nations’ next General Assembly, scheduled to be held in New York on September 25th 2007, we launch an international petition promoting the United Nations’ transfer and move from New York to Paris, France.51 Chiefs of State support this idea.

WHY THE United Nations IN PARIS ?

Moving the UN head offices from New York to Paris will revivify the spirit and soul of peace. International law needs to be respected once again, and the international community’s trust in the United Nations needs to be restored. The world is becoming increasingly fragile and the UN should one again be the guiding force towards maintaining peace.France represents ethical stability in today’s political world and is recognized as such, in regards to UN policy, across the nations of the world. During the crisis in Irak in 2003, the United Nations (under the impulse of France) refused to give its approval to the United States for its military attack on Irak. There was insufficient proof as to the existence of arms of massive destruction.Symbolically and strategically, 62 years after the creation of the United Nations at its current headquarters in New York City, this is the right moment to consider a move of its headquarters, in order to install a renewed and energized philosophy of peace.

ROTATION of the UN Headquarters around the World The United Nations should no longer be permanently attached to a single geographical destination. The spirit of peace that the institution represents should travel across borders and around the world. A new principle for the appointment of host cities should be implemented. Instead of the principle of a single, permanent Headquarter, a principle of non-permanency, of where the United Nations should hold its physical offices, would imply a system of international rotation. More clearly, hosting nations would “take turns” headquartering the United Nations, after the initial move from New York to Paris.

After a period in Paris, the other four permanent member states of the Security Council should each take a turn in hosting the infrastructure and personnel of the United Nations. Back to France: As a permanent member of the Security Council, as a guarantor of international legality and of peace in the world, France should be the first country to benefit from the Un’s move out of New York to a first phase of Security Council member-countries. It is essential that at the upcoming UN Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, the UN move of Headquarters to France be voted upon.In the future, after a stay in France, the 3 other Security Council member-countries (China, Russia, et Great-Britain) should host the UN Headquarters.


10 years is the period during which the Headquarters of the UN should stay in one host state. This represents two terms for the UN’s Secretary General.


Peace should be the subject of competition among states, as sports already are with the Olympic Games. Indeed, after the first phase of years during which the United Nations is hosted by the four “other” (USA being the first) member-countries of the UN Security Council, a second phase would defined the future host countries through a competitive system based of a “Track Record for Peace”. Diplomatic, Economic and Military Policy among other factors would be measured, as well a military availability and participation record of peace forces in areas needing them.


The other large organization reporting to the UN is UNESCO. UNESCO is responsible for promoting the culture of peace around the world. Currently, UNESCO Headquarters are in Paris, France. This residence should also be up for rotation and residency in other hosting countries, following the same principle of competition.

Hosting the two most important international organizations for peace in the world should be something countries should be eager to do for its international image and contribution to humanity.

To this end, it would be coherent for the first host country of the UNESCO, after France, to be Russia (permanent member of the Security Council to the UN), specifically Saint Petersburg, one of the utmost international symbols of world culture.


To host and properly house the Headquarters of the United Nations, the highest level of responsibility and professionalism would of course be required. Highest-level commitment in planning, financial and military investments are to be required, notably the providing of at least 10 percent of the international peace-keeping forces deployed around the world at the time.

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New York (USA) : 
Cecile LE ROUX : international coordinator for the  » UN to PARIS  » project :
Email :
Website : www.movetheuntoparis.org

Paris (France) :
Rachid Nekkaz, diplomatical coordinator
Ex-Candidate for France’s Presidential Elections
Co-author of a book interviewing the 7 Heads of the G7 ” Millenarum, Which Future for Humanity? ” (2000)
President of the RSD Party (Rassemblement Social Démocrate)
Tel : (33) 6 60 41 90 59
Email : rachidnekkaz@movetheuntoparis.org
Jean-Bruno Roumegoux,
Spokesman and Secretary general of the RSD party .
Tel : (33) 6 65 55 15 96
Email : jbr@movetheuntoparis.org
Website : www.movetheuntoparis.org

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